Comfort is a new cream to relieve you during times of loss and grief. While the tangerine notes act as the headliner, it’s the accompaniment of the cypress, frankincense, rose, and its terpene counterparts that serve as a reminder of how even in the darkest times, we can still shine bright.

Inspired by the mystical healing waters of the San Juan Islands of Washington state, Comfort brings healing frequencies to help soothe you during your grieving process, and calm you through difficult times with its full spectrum hemp oil.

Taking the time to heal and dedicate ourselves to self-care is the ultimate form of self-love we can enact. When we nourish ourselves with love, we can begin to rebuild, reconnect and galvanize who we truly are.

First, set aside some time to create a ritual. A half-hour to an hour is a good time when you can be uninterrupted. It is ideal to visualize your loved one while placing Comfort on you.

Experiment with a few different places on your body:

  • Over your heart and abdomen
  • Behind your neck and over your forehead (third eye)
  • On your biceps
  • Around the front of your shoulders (Acupuncture point Lung 1)
  • On your shoulder blade near your spine. While it is a difficult place to reach, this is an acupuncture point Bladder 42 (also known as the door to the corporeal soul)
  • Try combining Comfort with Painless Joint or Royal Pain Relief. The layering effect of both products can aid with some of our grief that has manifested as physical pain

Although a departure from Resonant Botanicals' product line of pain-relief lotions, Comfort is designed as a spiritual and emotional uplift and reassurance for when we need it most.

Combined with herbs of rose, mimosa, licorice root, Ziziphus, lily bulbs, motherwort, hawthorn, linden and tulsi rama, Comfort specifically targets the symptoms of grief to help soothe and calm you when your world has been rocked.

Whether it’s a heartfelt sympathy gift for someone you know or for yourself, adding Comfort to a self-care routine can offer a trusty companion as a person navigates the storms of life.

Size: 4oz jar

Producer: Resonant Botanicals on Whidbey Island, Washington

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Comfort | Grief Relief & Mood Lift Hemp Lotion

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