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Order by midnight Sunday! Friday deliveries on Whidbey Island. Shipping across the USA on Thursdays ~ overnight shipping for perishables. Orders can be scheduled for anytime in 2023.

Customer Testimonials

{Olympia Oysters from the Swinomish Tribe} The cutest oysters in town! They are small but their flavor is fantastic. Briny and bright.

- Chloe B.

“I am so impressed with the food I received AND with your business model. Thank you for venturing into this new realm. We love the vache and salmon simply as it is.”

- Polly S.

“Best oyster selection anywhere! Everything was excellent. Thanks for the adjustment on the Senior Discount. The tip contribution to Pay It Forward is my way of supporting the food accessibility program.  It's a good program and you make it easy to help.”

- Bob J.

“THE FOOD WAS A HIT!!! Different and relevant for [Island Shakespeare Festival] and our mission. T H A N K Y O U !

IT was so perfect and unusual, thank you.”

- Peggy J.

Create your own oyster flight!

Choose from three species of delicious oysters (ranging in size from tiny to giant), grown in water with different salinity levels using different growing methods. These differences on the farm impact the flavor, and that's what we call the merroir (French for "taste of place" similar to terroir for wine) of that oyster. Record it using Salinity's Oyster Tasting app! Scroll down for info.

Harvested-to-order from the Swinomish Tribe off Fidalgo Island and from Skagit Shellfish near Camano Island. Improving water quality and providing habitat for wild creatures!

~ Sea Food ~ Sea Love ~ Sea Change ~

~ See Food ~ See Love ~ See Change ~

They're shellfish!

Because if they flew over the bay, they'd be bay-gulls!

A desserted island.

A friendship!