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My name's Emily Wilder and Salinity is a few of my favorite things! I'm a long-time islander, butter-lover, and oyster-at-heart. Find out more here or find me on Instagram.

Oysters, smoked salmon, dried seaweed, geoduck, cheese, yogurt, bagels, sea salt, herring, clam meat, fish jerky, hot sauce, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, salsa, seasoning blends, chocolates, hot chocolate, honey, granola, coffee, caramels, essential oils, scarves, earrings, mugs, and so much more to come!

All from Whidbey Island and Pacific Northwest suppliers who share strong values around sustainability, human rights, and delicious food. If you are a PNW producer, farmer, artist, or musician, drop us a line! Let’s make art and food together.

Order by Sunday at midnight or set up a subscription. You can schedule a delivery for up to three months in advance using the calendar at the bottom of the Shopping Cart.

Perishables are delivered on Fridays between 8am-11pm across the USA.

Nonperishables ship Thursdays and are delivered between 1-6 days depending on region.

All Whidbey Island orders will be delivered on Fridays between 9am-5m (specific times available upon request). Join the Whidbey Cooler Club for box-free delivery!

Local delivery all over Whidbey Island and carbon-neutral shipping all over the USA! Order by midnight Sunday for Friday delivery or schedule in advance.

Shelf-stable items can be shipped to people in all 50 states (and in DC — support DC’s right to equal representation)

Perishable items have the following restrictions:


Texas residents and guests cannot receive any oyster shipments due to regulations protecting their native oyster (the Eastern Virginica oyster).


Hawaii residents and guests ordering live oysters must obtain an import permit from the State of Hawaii prior to shipment. Happy to help with the process! Contact us.


Alaska shipping rates are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of your order. There are some regions of Alaska that are too remote safely receive perishable items with our standard packaging, but alternatives are being tested. Please contact us to verify before ordering.

We offer carbon-neutral overnight shipping across the USA for perishable items. We take every precaution possible to ensure safe, timely delivery.

Perishable orders will be delivered in insulated boxes with plenty of gel ice packs (or dry ice, if all items are frozen). Perishable items will be shipped in insulated boxes with either ice packs (refrigerated items) or dry ice (frozen items). If there is a temperature difference between items in your order, we may ship it in multiple boxes to ensure the best quality.

To ensure that your product has stayed at the appropriate temperature for the duration of its journey, we include Dry Pak temperature monitoring stickers in each box of perishables. If the inside of the box is exposed to temperatures above 46 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes, this nifty sticker will turn red!

If you have any concerns about the safety of your order, please do not eat the products and reach out to us immediately. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will do what it takes to make sure you are happy!

The Whidbey Cooler Club is for islanders interested in reducing packaging waste and saving money, while enjoying fantastic local products.

Friday delivery only.

Members get $5 off each order.

Also available: Whidbey Club senior and student discounts.

Before the delivery, leave a cooler with 4-8 ice packs for perishables on your porch or wherever on your property you specify on your club application form.

Click here to join the Whidbey W.I.P. Club!

Sorry, that's not a joke.

Texas residents and guests cannot receive any SALINITY live oyster shipments due to laws protecting the native Texan oyster (the Eastern Virginica oyster). The three oyster species we sell are prohibited from being shipped into Texas. They are: the Olympia oyster (native to the West Coast of the U.S.), the Pacific oyster (native to northern Japan), and the Kumamoto oyster (native to southern Japan).

Why is this? It's illegal to take your oyster shipment and store it off your dock before eating, if the oysters did not originally come from those waters. This would create a serious risk of transferring microalgae, bacteria, and possible invasive species. In Texas there are extra concerns that non-native oysters will reproduce (Texas water is warm enough to “inspire” spawning almost any time of year) and eventually outcompete with the native oysters for food.

Here's an actual joke for Texas: The stablehand preparing the horses asked if the cowboy wanted a Western or English saddle. He asked what the difference was, and he was told one had a horn and one didn't. He replied, "The one without the horn is fine. I don't expect we'll run into too much traffic."

Always have fresh, healthy, delicious food!

You can choose the frequency of delivery (weekly, monthly, every other, etc) when you select Subscribe & Save on the product page.

If you purchase a subscription, your credit card number will be saved by our secure system during check out. When it's time for your next delivery, your card will be charged, you'll get an email reminding you of the upcoming order, and the food will "magically" appear on your doorstep that Thursday!

If you do not want your credit card saved, you can instead choose "Subscription Prepaid" and select from the drop-down menu recurring deliveries for a set period of time (frequency and duration are up to you).

You are able to "gift" either of these subscription options to another person as well, just by entering their address in the Shipping Address section at checkout and your address as the Billing Address.

Alternatively, we would be happy to simply send you an email or give you a call (on your desired schedule), reminding you to place an order.

We're calling it a "peer-to-peer subsidy program" because subsidies aren't just for Big Ag. Everyone deserves access to delicious, healthy food!

Add a "Tip" at checkout to contribute, and/or add a one-time or recurring contribution to your cart here. We will cover the processing fees and ensure your money is passed along to folks who need it.

If you need some help to afford fresh seafood and organic items, use coupon code EXTRALOVE when checking out to get 15% off your orders thanks to this program. No questions asked.

1% of Salinity's sales goes toward the organizations in our Turn The Tide Fund. You can make an additional one-time or recurring contribution by adding this item to your cart.

These twenty nonprofits and schools are working actively to turn the tide on climate change, overharvesting, pollution, and food inequity. Help us help them, please! All contributions get divided evenly and are donated (minus credit card processing fees).

See the full list of amazing Turn The Tide Fund organizations here.

Shell yeah! Discounts are stackable but PLEASE don't be shellfish ~ only use the discounts that actually apply to you.

- Everyone can get $5 off their first order using coupon/discount code FIRSTTIME because your first time should be special.

- Not sure if you can afford the items on this site? Get a no-questions-asked 15% off from the Pay It Forward Fund (contributions made during checkout) using coupon/discount code EXTRALOVE.

- Join the Micro-Micro-Algae Club to be a microinfluencer and give $10 off coupon/discounts to your friends. Get $10 off for every friend who makes a purchase!

- Seniors (70+) can get 5% off all orders using coupon/discount code SENIOR. Thank you for your contributions to the world so far.

- Students can get 5% off all orders using coupon/discount code STUDENT. Thank you in advance for what you will do in the future.

- People facing up against racism, sexism, ableism, sizism, ageism, classism, heterosexism, cissexism, or any other type of discrimination can get 10% off using coupon/discount code SHUCKTHAT. Sorry for what you've got to deal with.

- Military personnel and their families can get 5% off all orders using coupon/discount code MILITARY. Thank you for your service.

- Nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters, police, and all state or federal employees can get 5% off all orders using coupon/discount code FRONTLINE. Thank you for your service.

- Teachers of all kinds, school administrators, and other school employees can get 5% off all orders using coupon/discount code LEARNING. Thank you for your service.

Live on Whidbey?

- Join the Whidbey W.I.P. Club! FREE DELIVERY on Whidbey Island orders ($15 off) if you leave a cooler with ice packs on your porch to reduce packaging waste.

- Seniors and students living on Whidbey can get 10% off their local delivery orders by checking a box on the Whidbey Club form when they sign up. We support you!

- Find Salinity at the Bayview Farmers Market on South Whidbey on Saturdays from April-October, and say "Let's get salty!" for an exclusive one-time 10% off coupon code.

LOCALS$15 for Whidbey delivery on Fridays. Sign up for the Whidbey Cooler Club and get $5 off for leaving a cooler with ice packs on your porch!

OFF-ISLANDPerishables are shipped overnight on Thursdays. Nonperishables are shipped Ground (1-6 days depending on region) on Thursdays. Shipping cost is charged per pound at current UPS or USPS shipping rates, depending on your region in the USA. All efforts will be made to reduce the weight and cost of your shipment, but apologies in advance -- it's expensive.

Order by midnight on Sunday for that week, or schedule an order in advance by Contacting Salinity.

Yes! Pricebreaks are available for shops, restaurants, caterers, or anyone with a reseller permit and a love for sustainability.

Salinity's wholesale focus is on fresh oysters and frozen softshell clam meat.

Some items and quantities will be directed to the vendor themselves, but otherwise you'll checkout on this website or set up a subscription just like a Salinity retail order.

Click here to submit your info for a wholesale application or contact us first with questions.

Any item can be sent as a gift. Just put their address as the Shipping Address and your address as the Billing Address!

You can schedule shipments up to a year in advance for the Friday of your choice.

Want to add a personalized gift message? During checkout, add your gift message. We'll handwrite it on a SALINITY kraft paper card.

You can purchase a recurring subscription to any item or combination of items, on the product page. Your choice of frequency. Also available as a prepaid subscription. Example: weekly oyster delivery, billed weekly or prepaid for your preferred length of time.

Not sure what they'll want? Send a gift card! Or fill out this form  and we'll help you choose the perfect presents!

Feeling generous, but not sure to whom you would like to send a gift? Consider contributing to our Pay It Forward Program so that everyone has access to healthy, delicious food. You can add the item to your cart, and/or add a "Tip" during checkout.

Salinity Seafood & More is based in Langley, WA on beautiful Whidbey Island. An online-only store for now, hoping to have a physical storefront in the next year!

Whidbey Island is the largest island in Puget Sound, the giant estuarine body of water in western Washington State.

Our geoduck infinity logo was designed by three amazing artists: Skyler Owen Martyn, Cameron Gray, and Jack Brownson. Inspired by local artist Max Cole-Takanikos and The Evergreen State College’s geoduck mascot costumes, envisioned by Salinity founders Emily Wilder and Sam Mitchell.

The gorgeous trees, waves, and infinity sign geoduck clam with block text SALINITY SEAFOOD & MORE of the final design is the perfect representation of the community that arises when forest and ocean meet. There is so much more to Salinity than seafood. Let’s turn the tide with our actions, so we can continue sharing food for infinity.

Skyler Owen Martyn also came up with our slogan:

Sea Food ~ Sea Love ~ Sea Change

See Food ~ See Love ~ See Change