Social Media, Websites, Marketing, and Misc. Business & Computer Support

Hi, I’m Emily! I offer consulting and marketing lessons for businesses, nonprofits, individuals, musicians, artists, vacation rentals, podcasts, special events, social causes, fan sites, or anyone at all!

I can help you learn to make social media posts, build an ecommerce website, create simple posters and signs, brainstorm business options, sort through software choices, or make updates to your current website. I also love data entry, spreadsheets, and other “boring” but necessary computer work, so I can take some of that off your hands. Give me all your copy & paste repetitive tasks! 

I have an MBA specializing in Marketing and over a decade of experience assisting small businesses.

You can check out some of my recent website clients here:

I also run the social media for Bayview Farmers Market.

My specialty is social media for people who hate social media! With just an hour or two of dedicated lessons, you’ll be amazed at how much easier that “necessary evil” can be to use for your benefit.

And I run my business (this site) Salinity! I started this online gift shop so I could help promote well-intentioned, sustainable businesses and “eating local” or any eating with your values. I see my consulting work as an extension of that impulse — I can teach you the basics to make yourself visible and heard, and I can tell you if what you’ve said can be understood easily, if you would like to tell that story. There are many ways to do it.

Mostly I’d like to empower you to make your dreams come true. I can do the work for you, teach you how to do it yourself, or some combination of the two! Either way, you’re in charge of what the final product looks like.







Booking Price
$75 for the first hour, $50/hr after that
In person (Whidbey Island) or Virtual sessions (Zoom)
*Sliding scale and trades available*

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 Thank you!
Emily Wilder, Salinity SeaEO

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