These wonderful oysters have a deceptively tiny size for their value - like the essence of the Pacific Northwest distilled into a tiny morsel. As much complexity as the finest single malt scotch! You can practically taste the forest in this tiny little sweet coppery oceany bite. And the colors inside the Olympia shells are the prettiest of all the oysters.

This is a slow-growing oyster native to the Puget Sound and West Coast of North America. Only a few farms grow them now, and very few exist in the wild anymore after they were almost wiped out by pollution and overharvesting in the late 1800s and early 1900s - but Puget Sound Restoration Fund is working to change that! Five cents for every item sold at goes to their work restoring habitat and baby oysters to Puget Sound. Eat farmed oysters, save the wild! ALL oysters provide valuable hiding spots and water filtration services to their ecosystem, so the more the merry.

Grown by the Swinomish Tribe in Similk Bay in northern Puget Sound, Washington, where the Pacific ocean water meets fresh river and estuary water to create a medium salinity bay perfect for growing shellfish.

Harvested fresh to order and kept live on ice all the way to your door. Do you need an oyster shucking knife? Get one here or bake/steam them until they open.

Check out the interactive oyster tasting app we designed! Download the Sample Ox app for free and search 'Salinity' to find a shell and flavor questionnaire. Use it for any oyster to share tasting notes with friends, record flavor differences between species, and compare your records across the seasons.

Company: Swinomish Shellfish Company on Similk Bay, Fidalgo Island, Washington

Species: Olympia (Ostrea lurida)

Size: 1.5-2 inches (2.5-3 years old at harvest)

Warnings: Contains live shellfish. Safe to eat raw or cooked. Do not eat if the shell opens on its own, or if there is no liquid inside. Always smell an oyster before eating it - DO NOT EAT IF IT SMELLS BAD.

Storage: Keep refrigerated wrapped in a damp towel (never in an airtight container and never in water). Eat within 5 days of receiving.

CANNOT BE SHIPPED INTO TEXAS. Hawaii requires import permit before shipment (contact us to arrange). Additional fee for some parts of Alaska (contact us to arrange).

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"Holy Smoly" Olympia Oysters from Similk Bay

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